Not Another Cold Snap! Arg.

I knew it was going to be a cold day when I went into work last night. The news was warning us, and the Weather Website had warnings on it, and you could smell the cold in the air, but it was raining, warm out when I went inside at my work. When I came outside, it was a totally different world: still, cold, frost everywhere. There was a 1 cm layer of ice-snow, but underneath it was a layer of rain that had frozen to every surface–including our vehicles. Yes, my truck had this mass of ice on it too, and I found that my keys would not fit into the locks!

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As we were leaving, the building manager was walking about, stopping to talk anyone was on the night shift. As I passed him, he said that I may want to invest in some lock de-icer, and window cleaner that will help dissolve the ice and snow. He said to me that it was a mess outside. I thought he was being a little over dramatic. He was not.

When I tried all the front doors with my keys, I was getting worried, the locks were frozen solid–they would not turn. I have been locked out my car before from ice, the Frazer Valley is famous for this type of weather, but “not today of all days,” I thought to myself. With my Pathfinder, I had one chance left to get inside: the hatch door. My key worked, but only after ten attempts turning the lock back and forth, but it finally opened. When I went to lift the door open, the rubber seal along the inside edge came off with it. “Oh well,” I said to myself. Now was the hard part, climbing inside over the seats to get to the driver’s seat. This was a twenty part process, moving one leg, a arm and then my torso, at a time, to slither through the obstacle course until I got to the sitting position. Moving around the the steering wheel was the hardest part, with a gear-shift handle stuck in my kidney, and trying to remove the steering wheel lock bar with one hand, then the tilt lever for the steering wheel to pull it up so that I could fit in the seat.

Once seated, starting the vehicle was normal, but warming it up took nearly fifteen minutes. I had to wait for the cab to get warm enough so that lock button would unlock the door. The locks were completely frozen! Once I could open the door, then came the task of chipping the ice from off of the wind-shield. It was over twenty minutes before I actually left the parking lot.

It was not the cold that mattered, but the combination of rain, then freezing rain, and then a sudden-fast freeze up in less than a few hours. The layer of ice is what did it for everyone with their cars. The roads were in perfect condition to drive on, and once I got through Fort Langley, BC, the ice-snow seemed to never have happened there. This cold will be with us for the next week. Something I am not looking forward to. Oh well, at least I do not have to shovel it! LOL

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