Yearning to Walk Through the Clover

It is cold outside. We have been in this frozen weather pattern for nearly a week now, and it may warm up soon, but only back to our normal winter weather of rain and grey skies. Today while at work I was day dreaming about how much I missed walking through the grass in my back yard during the summer with no shoes on. My toes touching the clover, as I complained about how warm it was. All this, while shivering one moment changing price tags and grabbing stock from outside, then sweating by a huge roof top heater blasting super hot air on me while I stock shelves inside.

Clover in the Back Yard Aug 17 2014 Weblog Image

I was going through my photographs from last summer, and I came upon this one, a shot looking directly down at a patch of clover (though I could be wrong as to what type of weed this is), and thinking to myself how I would loved to take my socks off and walk barefoot through it today. Right now my feet are cold. Yes I am wearing super thick wool socks, but that still does not warm them up. I am not used to this dry cold that seems to go deep into my bones. Wishing summer would come back soon!

2 Thoughts on “Yearning to Walk Through the Clover

  1. That is a nice photo. I miss Spring/Summer now. You should show that one pic of the summer flowers that you have. The one with the yellow daisy like flowers. You know, the one that you showed me at your house that you have tucked away in some cupboard.

  2. Julia,

    I posted that one a long time ago, in fact twice already on my weblog. Check it out here, “Blowing Up My Work.” at

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