I’d Like to Thank OPEC for the Cheap Gas!

I am just stunned as the price of our gasoline keeps falling at the pumps, going from over a $1.50 per litre a few of weeks ago, to a whopping $1.17 this morning, and it appears that we may see a litre under the one Loonie mark very soon at this rate. So, $20.00 works out to just over 17 litres when I filled up. Thank you OPEC!

The savings may have a direct impact on our local economy, even when our “petrol” loonie takes a dive in the Money Markets against the U.S. dollar, as more money is being saved from the cheap gasoline. I certainly will take my extra $20-$30 bucks per week saved and buy something more than I normally would at the stores.

Of course this spells disaster for the Harper Government, and those Provinces who sell their own oil and enjoy that revenue. But hey, all I care about is what happens to my wallet, and right now it seems a little more fuller than it did last month.

2 Thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank OPEC for the Cheap Gas!

  1. We are feeling the savings to at the pump. No complaining here :-))

  2. Hey Tom,
    After some companies will stock up , the price will go up again and they will sell in profit..for couple years. This is pure business. This is happening every 3-5 years .

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