Success! They Passed!

Success! The three I tutored over the last four weeks have written their finals, and received their marks for the full term. All passed; they seemed very pleased at their accomplishments. The Statistics final exam took them the better part of 90 minutes to complete, well with in the time limit, but they all said it was a tough exam.

Grades Graphic Dec 8 2014 Thomasso 01 Weblog Image

It was impossible, from their past performance, to reach stellar marks, but the deal was to get them passed within the time remaining in their course. Statistically, this was possible, and they achieved that goal. Their marks varied from a letter grade of C+ to B-, which are academic passes, a far cry from their projected C- to C grades that they were aligned with from before.

I am happy for them, and I wish them well as they take their winter breaks.

As for future tutoring gigs, well, that is hard to say at the moment. I did put in a huge amount of energy and time with them, and sacrifices were made on my part. Their prof at SFU has not gotten back to me since he requested my reference letters, so I guess he has moved on. So, it is hard to say whether this will lead into something. In the mean time I am happy that my students passed. Success!

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