Another Busy Week–Do I Really Need This?

Well, storms, work, auto insurance, bills, plumbing Issues…, the list keeps on growing, so right now I feel like I want to hide under a rock and wait for everything to pass by until the it all blows over. OK, it is not all that bad. I will have four days of work, mixed in with four days of off-work time, so that is good news. Time is not a factor with me this time, which is something unusual becuase “time” is usually something that I never have enough of. Nope, this time it is money to pay for all the stuff that needs my attention.

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My biggest hangup is car insurance. Still catching up on debt from last summer’s short spell of unemployment, I am just one pay period from catching up with 90 percent of my outstanding bills. The bill that I will have to suffer for one day will be my auto insurance. I just do not have enough to pay for another term–missing the payment deadline by just 24 hours. So this means that my vehicle will turn into a pumpkin for 24 hours until I get paid. One whole day! Yes, you guested it, Friday morning I will have two very longs walks, to and from town, to pay for the three month’s worth of auto insurance. Awe, life as a Canadian working poor person! At least it will be warm outside when I do the great trek.

It seems that I did not go unscathed from last week’s sudden winter freeze, as one of my water pipes did not endure the frost. The pipe that runs water outside had split open from the frost, and has a 2cm slit across it right where it connects to the outside wall. When I went to fill up a bucket full of water, the pressure was weak, and I notice a good size leak underneath. So, I am looking at a about a $50.00 bill to replace the pipe and insulation; something I cannot ignore.

We are getting a triple round of winter storms, starting today. The first storm started last night. A little rain, but there were some good gusts of wind. Then things went quiet. But as of 8:00pm today, it seems the second storm has arrived, and the wind and rain has picked up; even knocking the power out for a few seconds today. The third storm may arrived by Wednesday night, but it is the total amount of rain that had everyone concerned. With the air warming up, currently 11C, the snow on the mountains is melting, with the ground already saturated, some places may see up to 100-400mm of rain fall in this 72 hour period on top of that. This could get interesting?

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