Mid December Frosty Photos

When I got home this morning the sky was crystal clear with only a few clouds towards the West. The stars looked so bright that I felt I could reach up and touch them. When dawn approached, I had my camera ready, waiting for the Sun to shine over the valley, to capture the morning frost. Everything was covered in a thin film of frosty ice crystals outside–it looked like an alien world.

Frost Dec 15 2014 - Weblog Image 01

The wood beams outside sparkled when the sunlight reflected from off of the frost layer.

Frost Dec 15 2014 - Weblog Image 02

Yes-I do not think the plants were enjoying the frost as much as I was today.

Frost Dec 15 2014 - Weblog Image 03

This was one of two bottles that were left out on the patio and had cracked from when we had the last major freeze up just two weeks ago. Oddly it was not that cold outside today, only minus 3C, but enough to keep everything coated with frost. The glass bottles were frosted–a neat effect when the sunlight lit them up. I could not get the camera to capture the sparkling effect of the sunlight being reflected from off of the frost, but as the sunlight warmed the glass up, the frost crystals started to change making the sparkling light dance over the surface.

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