Happy Holidays and Blender 2.73rc!

Although I will be working right through them this year, I will still be in a festive mood for the holidays. I volunteered to do “holiday relief” in other departments at my work as senior workers go on their time off.  I, being a newbie with less than six months, volunteered to work them for the extra hours since I am a part-time employee. A sacrifice to pay off my debts faster.

Happy Holidays 2014 01 Weblog Image

As most of my time is allocated towards work this season, I could only spend a few minutes this time creating a holiday graphic for this post. “I know–it’s cheesy,” but today was when the Blender Foundation released their new 2.73 Release Candidate 3D Modelling program. So, you bet, I had to quickly try it out!

So Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy them!

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