The Change Over: 2014 to 2015

I just spent an hour changing all of my programs, paper work, spread sheets and updated personal day calendar to 2015. When I was going through all of my 2014 notes from my daily journal, I realized that ’14 was a lot less than ’13’s events in terms of volume of pages and in the number of activities. Actually, 2014 was almost half as active as ’13 was, and nothing compared to what I did back in between ’09 to ’11. It is hard to say whether this is old age, or bad times, but one thing is certain, I need to get more often and do more things becuase on paper my life is boring.

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Throwing 2014 away did felt good. I was looking at my stack of snail-mail, and the amount of letters I had received from Revenue Canada just made me sick when comparing it to other bills. I also keep track of my bills overall, and looking at everything, all costs had risen for me by a noticeable increase in 2014: my auto insurance, cable internet, electric, and heating fuel. Then the little things like food, gasoline (although that price has dropped since November), parking and rent. In sum, according to what my ledger says, I calculated my annual rate of inflation to be just over 5 percent for 2014. So the practice of fiscal management, going forward into 2015, will continue, such as, to keep cutting costs, and save extra income rather than make any large purchases in the near future. Keep in mind that my income had substantially dropped in 2014, and will be very low in 2015 as I settle into my new employment as part-time, low income.

So my goals in 2015 will be to eke out better employment opportunities, and relocate to a cheaper market climate. The off-set of living in the Lower Mainland (as I said in my last post from December 31, 2014) is way to expensive compared to the employment offerings that are currently available. Going else where is the only choice if I want to prosper as oppose to living in debt. For now I am just enjoying that fact that I made this far without digging my into too much of hole. But the future does look brighter. 🙂

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