Revisiting the World of the Low Poly Universe

With the release of Blender 2.73 just days old, I thought I would take it for a test run and do a series of quick low poly scenes with it, just to see how good some of the new features and improvements are. Rather than redoing some of my old art work, I just wanted to see how much the work-flow was improved on the user interface. I started fresh, and released my creative self, modelling off about ten scenes in a matter of hours. Overall, I like what they have done with the user interface; some of the old keyboard short cuts were a little cumbersome, but now at least, it seems to be faster, and the tool functions more logical when creating complex objects. I am not going to go into all of the details of improvements, but I just want to say Version 2.73 is proving to be a lot better in terms of work-flow, especially in the modelling process itself.

Low Poly Forest - Blender 2-73 January 9 2015 Weblog Image

The above image was my very first scene using Blender 2.73. I think low poly scenes are cool.

Within a few hours I had created a series of low poly scenes that I then could go further to animate. Instead I just stuck to static scenes, and focused on those small improvements to the modelling work-flow was, and how fast my machine could render a scene as the poly count increased. My video card seems to render about five percent faster once I got into a scene of about 400k plus worth of polygons, and using the Blender Cycles engine, the rendering time did improved. But what really worked for me was just how fast getting a scene modelled and rendered was. I am getting back into 3D modelling now, and Blender is my favourite modelling software to use.

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