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I am kind of laughing right now becuase some of the places where I do my food shopping have started to really hike up their prices, so when I buy from the farm down the road, I am getting some really good deals. I have done a complete change in my buying patterns now that I have a produce source very close to me. My “Vegetable Dealer,” I like to call them, have been having a bumper crop with their hot-house these last few weeks, so for them dropping their prices a little to encourage more buying has made my life a little better, and for the many others who shop there as well. As the large retailers start ramping up their prices, these little farmer’s markets are starting to look really good for deals–and better quality foods. Sadly I fear someday the Federal Government will create a law that will band this type of sales for awesome healthy food becuase these little farms are competing with the monster corporations, but that is just my own little bit of cynicism.

Salad jan 14 2015 Weblog Image 02

This was my breakfast before I headed into work. The only items that were not from the farm were the English Cucumbers; these came from a big box grocery store in Langley City (British Columbia, Canada) close to where I work. But in all, the salad was awesome. I also had a muffin with some raspberry jelly, and one egg, which almost classifies this salad as a Chef Salad?

The whole point of this post is to say that buying smart can save a few dollars over the long run. With my latest purchase, I estimated that I saved about five dollars, if I compared these prices to where I would normally shop. But it is the quality that counts–these guys (the farm near my place) do not use chemicals to treat their crops, and they rigorously keep their facility super clean. As for sharing their location, I was asked not to: not that they would not mind the business, but they feel they have more than enough customers as it is. So my little secret. 🙂

To the veggie farm!

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