Too Much Pineapple Express “O”

With yet another deluge of water from the heavens, this last weekend’s Pineapple Express seemed more damaging than past storms. This time, the little creek beside my place turned into a torrent of mud, quickly filling in the little duck pond and flower bed that once severed as a place to sit and read, and the creek itself now has shifted its banks, moving closer to my home. I doubt that I ever will be in any significant danger, but the time that it will take to clean it up will be a source of posts to come.

The Pineapple Express of January 23 3015 Weblog Image

Two things I noticed that were different from past storms that send torrents of water down this little creek. First, was how quickly the water level moved up, bringing with it unusually high amounts of mud with it. I had to dig out the little culvert that runs underneath my driveway. Grass and sticks were getting jammed inside of it, causing the water to back up. I was worried that if the water was going to flow over my driveway, then it too would start flooding under my home, and possibly washing out my driveway altogether. Second, when I got home from work on Thursday, around 6:00am on January 22, 2015, the entire creek was covered in a thick layer of foam. The foam gave off a really rich, pungent smell, like fungus or a mushroom smell. It was to dark to take any good photo of it, but when it was light enough the foam started to disappear.

I had never seen this creek do this before in the two years that I have lived here. But then, this year seems to be starting off as a super wet pattern, with some really bad rain storms every couple of weeks. Maybe it is time to start thinking about investing in some sand bags?

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