The Long Weekend I Forgot About

The new British Columbia (Canada) Holiday, known as BC Family Day is this Monday. I almost completely forgotten about this, mainly becuase it does not really matter whether I get to spend it off from work or not, as I can get called in at time, but it is a statutory holiday in the books, so I get paid extra for it no matter what. I do go in to work this Monday, but it is the night-shift, so technically two hours of that shift are considered working in the holiday for me as I start at 10:00pm. Noting that business may have found a loop-hole around this for paying the double time, or not, remains to be seen. But anyway, I do have a four day weekend regardless. Also, there is one week until Valentine’s Day! Also February is packed with a few birthdays of friends and family in there too.

Valentine's Hearts Read for Giving Feb 7 2015 Weblog Image

Playing around with Blender2.73, I created this graphic, just to be funny about Valentine’s Day coming up in a week.

For my friends up in Terrace, BC who are in the midst of a record breaking snow storm, I hope all goes well for you. Some of the news footage of that storm are just amazing. I will not tell you about the 12C weather, with the odd sprinkle of rain that we are getting. I do not want to upset, or boast, like that.


Feb 6, 2015: Terrace, Kitimat experience record-breaking snowfall

ADDED February 9, 2015:

Another Valentine’s Day Graphic I created with Blender 2.73, but this image was not part of the Web Graphic Art work I did for a client over the weekend. I am just taking the Heart Mesh to new limits. 🙂

Bowl of Hearts Weblog Image

This image was rendered using the Blender Cycles Engine, as always, becuase I love the glass shader in Cycles. When I threw this on Twitter, it was quickly favoured many times, even retweeted a couple of times too!

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