The Morning March Moon On Saint Patrick’s Day

First of all, good morning, as I sip my root beer, ending the working part of my day with. And, it is indeed Saint Patrick’s Day today, so wearing (wore) green too to celebrate it with. I also took a moment just before I went inside when I got home to photograph the Moon (as it slowly turns to the New Moon phase, as just a thin sliver crescent of light) becuase it looked like a great shot with the clear sky and the rising sun over the horizon. As a night-shift worker, my day is ending, as I start getting ready to go to bed, so Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and I hope you enjoy the photo.

March Morning Moon on March 17 2015 Weblog Image

The photo was shot using a 300mm lens, F22 with a 1 second exposure at ISO100. I used my Sony Alpha 77 for the shot, using a tripod with a remote trigger. There is some post processing, using DarkTable Version 1.6.3 on my Linux PC, more or less, darkening the tones, and lowering the exposure a smidgen, while cool the white balance a few degrees cooler.

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