The Big Hairy Question

I was talking last night to one of my friends from my old neighbourhood, just keeping tabs on the latest dirt among my peers, when we went off tangent and got on the topic of feminine versus masculine hair trends. Of course, I am talking about the hair down under, the private area, where the sun does not shine. And naturally, I just have to blog about this becuase after the conversation, I was in stitches from laughing so much. Here are some of our findings, asking that big hairy question, are men adopting the feminine style of a hairless body?

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The short answer seems to be yes. Now, we have a very small “N” in our group study, and all of our data is based on inferential statistics, but examining the answers from people that we know, there is a trend of young men who are shaving not only their nether regions, but every cubic centimetre from the neck down on their bodies as well. Like the women, according to my friend, the girls have been doing this for decades, and the boys are just now fallowing in their footsteps. I can back this up too from past conversations I have had with women while I was attending university, and a quick search on my favourite search engine can reveal this trend too.

So why? Why all of a sudden have men joined the total clean shaven ranks that was seemingly just a feminine look of the human body? Could it be a form of looking more youthful, prepubescent, boyish look, and the girls like this? Perhaps it is a comfort issue, no hair equals a sense of a more pure form of hygiene management and a cleaner, smoother feel? In a movie I once saw, two best friends encountered their first sexual experience when they both made love to a prostitute, and resulted in catching little parasitic bugs called Crabs. One solution they came up with was shaving themselves in hope of ridding these little parasites off from their manly fro’s. Perhaps this could be one form of reasoning towards this trend of clean shaveness?

It seems less clear now that what was once so desired in boys, reaching puberty and having a body all covered in hair, is now so passé, as men want to retain that boyish look. Contradicting this clean look is the trend of the man’s full faced beard, as now more men under twenty are growing the full face jungle now, and the girls are loving this.

Personally, I have to shave my face becuase I cannot stand the stubble. Yes, I once dawned a full face beard, but I eventually shaved it off because the itchiness was driving me crazy. It was also costing extra time with trimming and shampooing it after each shower. It was a lot of extra work that I really did not want, so the toss-up is the daily routine of having a clean shaven face. Perhaps that is the bottom line, how much time do you want to invest on looking your best (with the current styles) that appeal to the opposite sex.


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