Happy First Day of Spring 2015! It is Finally Here.

Finally! Spring has arrived, (actually the Vernal Equinox officially starts at 3:45PM PDT this afternoon) and I am so excited. Good ridden cold weather; hello warmer days ahead! Even though we have had a fairly warmer winter than usual this year, the thought of spring is welcomed as I am tired of the brown and grey colours of winter. Now let the explosion of green everywhere begin! The first day of spring is here!

Spring is Finally Here March 20 2015 Weblog Image

Happy spring 2015 everyone!

Updated: March 23 2015

Springy The FLower March 23 2015 Weblog Image

Here is a more refined version of “Springy” the flower, done using Blender 2.73. I worked on the face, rounding it a bit more, and then focused on the eyes, adding eyelids and more definition to his look. I felt he looked too evil looking the original way I rendered his face, so I smoothed out the mesh a lot. I also made the lighting more direct on his face–less shadows.

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