Letting the Lights Go Out: But Longer This Time

I sort of cheated for this year’s Earth Hour. I went a lot longer than an hour, or ninety minutes, going almost for four hours in total. The truth is, I fell asleep. I turned off all of my lights, and feel asleep. So I guess it was not in the true grandeur of Earth Hour participation, but in some sense it could technically count; after all the lights were out–and they stayed that way until I woke up.

Unlike last year when I had candles fluttering away, and I turned everything off trying to take in zero electricity, but this time it was more of a reduction in energy use, not the full out–could turkey–Earth Hour observation I wanted to go for. Last year, and the year before, I was fully awake, and conscious, of what I was doing, making an effort to make my mark on the power grid. I guess only time will tell once the electric companies tally up their results, will I know how well my neighbourhood stacked up against everyone else. The town across the river from me won with a huge reduction compared to us!

This year’s Earth Hour started at 8:30pm local time (March 29). I was well fast asleep before that, and did not wake up until 11:00pm. But I did have some appliances running during the period that I was asleep, which meant I was drawing on the electric power grid. So I was not 100 percent complainant.

Next year!

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