Not One Prank By Those Old Fools!

I really was not that shocked having gone through the day and not received one single prank, the spirit of April Fool’s Day was just not there. Compared to last year, bring pranked twice, this year’s April Fool’s Day was down right boring and disappointing. But I should say, I did see other’s pranked at my work, or at least I knew they were pranked, but the victims never knew they were.

I was on the lookout for those would be pranksters, waiting for their prey to pounce upon. That was probably the prank right there, the anticipation of being pranked, and then never getting it. But how could I tell. Maybe that is the essence of the prefect prank: never knowing you have been prank until the next day when all is revealed?

This happened with my friends at my work; not knowing that they were pranked. Sure, I could have told them, but why spoil the allure of the prefect set-up, the gag, then the punch-line as everyone discovers the dirty deed. They were part of an active prank, the type where at the spur of the moment the prankster manipulated a series of events to set-off the prank. These types of pranks are not as a funny as the passive prank, were someone has put a lot work in it, creating something so unusual, that most fall for it right a way, then are left laughing when the big reveal is presented. Most of the passive pranks are more or less harmless, but they can have long lasting effects for those who fall for them, hook, line and sinker. Embarrassment is usually the emotion that follows.

Oh well, perhaps next year. Maybe I will rig up something for next year? Heh, heh, better watch out!

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