Outdoor Spring Photo Session

I had a chance to walk outside when it was daylight (I am a night-shift worker) and it was sunny, so I took with me my camera while on a short hike. I missed some of the early spring flowers that started growing over a month ago, but I did see some wild flowers here and there. Also the trees are in full spring bloom as well here in the Lower mainland of British Columbia. So without further ado…

Spring April 07 2015 Weblog Image 05

Spring April 07 2015 Weblog Image 04

The top two images are some wild flowers growing here on the farm where I am living. The next image is sort of the my back yard. Yes, it needs a mow desperately, but when I get time.

Spring April 07 2015 Weblog Image 03

The next two images from the tree right next to my living room window. From my living room window on the North side, my view is nothing but these pink blossoms. Not sure what type of three this is, but the flowers only last about week before its leaves come in.

Spring April 07 2015 Weblog Image 02

Spring April 07 2015 Weblog Image 01

So that is it for today. I have to sleep, even thought this is a weekend day for me, I split my weekend up this week, but I am working tomorrow night, so I have to maintain my sleep cycle or I will pay for it. But it was nice to get into the Sun today. I almost forgotten how nice the Sun feels on my skin in the spring.

4 Thoughts on “Outdoor Spring Photo Session

  1. The flowers look good. Isn’t nice to know that spring has finally arrived. The birds are chirping, the bees are out and the sun is shinning. What more can a person want. Anyhow, have you gone through the the photos of the day that we seen our little sister? Would love to see some of them when you have the chance.

  2. OKay, they’re on there way. 🙂 Check your email.

  3. Tom, try some walking, you will find many more flowers not just in the backyard 🙂

  4. Hey Dan,

    I do lots of walking, but never have my camera with me any more. I have some time off soon; then will be my adventurous photo-ops hike! 🙂

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