Oh Yes, a Plugged Nose Knows.

I am laying in bed, typing this out on my tablet because my body is just too sore to sit up at my desk. My sinuses are infected, my head and throat hurts, and my eyes itch like a thousand mosquito bites–yes it is the same flu bug–still lingering inside my body. This is how I am ushering in the month of May 2015.

On the bright side, I managed to get some time off from work, as part of my unscheduled weekend. Taking today off is making the difference in my healing process of overcoming this flu bug. Still, I can see myself fighting this bug a little while longer. Oh well; c’est la vie. Within the last two days I have eased up on most of the coughing, and my nose has stopped most of its post nasal dripping–which was by far the most annoying part of this experience. Sleeping with a dripping nose is awful!

Combined with working nights, and staying in bed on my time off, I am missing on all the spring flowers. The brief trip I took outside today, I seen the poppies and other flowers growing away in the flower beds. I was far to tired to go back and grab my camera to capture that moment, so no photos this time–this time.

The air outside was the first thing that I noticed. The smell of spring–the flowers, grass and trees, all giving off their perfumes and fragrances as the wind moved the newly budded leaves on the branches of the maple trees. It is that same wind that whips up those fragrances of pollen that also gives me my second round of nasal torture–allergies.  So my flu bug buddies could be long gone, and I may never know it as the trees, flowers and weeds, spread their procreation across the landscape. I will still be dripping and itching away.

Excuse me, need to blow some nasel-run-off out of my nose…

Okay, done. Where was I?

Oh, yes, May, 2015. Yay, it is here! I am so happy. green everywhere, the day are warm, but the nights are still cool. I think with the awesome weather today, my body seems to be healing faster. This is a good thing, but I would rather be outside working, than laying inside with a piece of tissue wiping my nostrils every five seconds.

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