The Upcoming Long Weekend – Should I Go?

Well, it is that time of the year once again. Next Monday, the 18th, will be “May Day,” a statutory holiday for us folks here in British Columbia. In Fort Langley, we of course will be having our May Day Parade, the big event that will shut down the down town area for the afternoon while the parade marches through it, a huge family affair for all. Among all of the perpetrations, the town’s infrastructure is also going through a major upgrade, as most of the streets have coloured markings as to where water, sewer and electrical systems appear to be poised to be dug up and replaced in the near future. All this, while construction on a large building project is still under-way in the heart of Fort Langley.

Last week I thought I was going to have to work through the holiday as my work is open almost every day throughout the year. Because of my cross training, one of the department that I work in just so happens to have one of its senior workers off, so I was called in to replace him while he enjoys a week long holiday out of town. The switch means that after these two days of time off, I will get another two days off, plus the statutory holiday, then working my friend’s shift of four days, then off again for another two day (the normal weekend time period), then finishing his shift off for next week. A very laid back shift if I say so. So, the only thing holding me back from going to the parade next weekend is the weather.

I am happy about the long weekend, but with so many things on the go, I maybe too busy to enjoy it to its fullest. Unlike last year, where I was “between jobs,” this year seems to be “full throttle” forward, as I have so many things on the go. So, like always, I will be playing it all by ear, meaning that if I am having fun, or I have the time and I am not tired, then I will partake–but I am not making serious plans.

2 Thoughts on “The Upcoming Long Weekend – Should I Go?

  1. Hello!
    Did you end up going to the parade?
    I just saw your amazing photos taken in previous years! Hopefully you have some of this one too?

  2. Not this year. Just too busy with work, and the morning did not look that great, so I stayed home.

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