A Friend Just Told Me, “My Life Is a Country Song”

A couple of days ago I ran into an old friend, a former co-worker, (back in the days when we were working for “The Big Box Store”) and we got caught up on each other’s latest news in life. He belted out this phrase, “My life is like a country song,” and I just about had to walk away from laughing so hard. He told me where he got it from, Aqua’s 2000 album called Aquarius, track three: Freaky Friday. So, naturally, I just had to have a copy of it.

Anyway, after talking to my friend Danny for about a half hour, I realized that he is just another person I now know of who is going through same hard times that everyone else is going through as Canada’s economy continues to “tank.” He has just been laid off from his job, (he quit “The Big Box Store” shortly after I did back in 2006), and his wife took a huge pay cut in her job to keep her position.  The huge difference is, he is taking it in strides, kind of thinking positive about what is going on around him, and he has a contingency plan, which saved his bacon.

As most people were doing what they were told to do, putting money away in various saving schemes at Banks, Danny was one of the first people I met who bought gold coins. Since he started buying, his investments have nearly tripled in value, and him and wife decided to pay off the remainder of their mortgage, about ten years worth to end there debts. He told me that now was the time to rid themselves of their debt load as he sees Bank interest rates ready to shoot upward.

So Danny is now one of three people that I know of that just recently has been laid-off. He was working for one of the big Telco’s in Vancouver, BC, and had been their for nearly ten years, and was let go with a Buy-Out package, if he left the next day. He took the Buy-Out, and decided that that was the perfect time to go on a vacation.

“Everything is gone, my life is a country song….”

As for my other two friends who were also just laid-off from their jobs, time has not been so good for them. Both have started their E.I. claims while they start their job searches. Both will have to do a lot of cutting to make due on their now limited incomes.

As for myself–damn happy that at least I am working, albeit far below to what I am accustomed to, but I keep reminding myself, we do live in the Harper era, and “cuts” is now a fundamental staple in most lives.  I have lowered my standard of living, and I am sure the numbers of other Canadians are as well, or we are just racking on the debt.

But anyway, I like this album by Aqua. The female vocals are weird sounding, yet fun to listen to. But what can I say, my tastes are becoming more weird by the day regardless–but I am always open to new stuff, as long as it is good.

“This is hard core 10-4…”

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