Installation Failure – When Up-Dates Go Wrong

The unthinkable happened on Wednesday, going through a routine software update, when all-of-a-sudden my power went out half way through it. The result, the drivers for my graphics card got miss-configured and now I can only see a blank screen after I log on using that drive. Okay, sure, no big deal, just reinstall everything and all should be well, right? Nope…, the Boot Loader was screwed in the process too, and accessing the file system has been a two day event because it got screwed also. All there is left to do is try to mount the drive and recovered what files I can, and because of the size of the drive, and high encryption, I am looking at another day of transferring data into a new drive I just bought.

So no emails, loss of bookmarks for my work on my browser, and several letters and documents that I need, are sitting tucked away inside my broken hard drive. These last few days have been a disaster. on top of working at my day job, or night job, I have averaged out about four hours of sleep each night now. I am tired and cranky.

For now, I have installed a new copy of the OS on my new hard drive, a 1TB for about $60.00.  This will have to do for now until I can sort out my much needed files on the old drive. So far I have managed to find most of my emails from the last week on my ISP web mail service, and some of my book marks I was able to find again through a search engine. As for my documents, tough luck until I can retrieve them from the old drive.

Talk about a living hell. It is moments like this that I really hate computers, the Internet, and e-documents.

3 Thoughts on “Installation Failure – When Up-Dates Go Wrong

  1. you told me that all computers are our friends . not so ?

  2. computers

  3. They are, Dean. Even freinds sometimes have a tempermental peroid every once in a while. LOL!


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