With a Fresh Install, Comes Old Issues

I spent some time working on my server, and home PC today, since I have an unexpected day off from work. I took the time to work on getting as much of my on-line life back to normal as I could. I am still a long ways off from reaching “normal” as I have tweaked so many settings and added hundreds of ad-ons over the last six months. My back-up drive is still sitting here in front of me, as I am waiting for another drive to start the data transfer–damn trouble of dealing with 1TB drives–you need a bigger one to do the transfer with. I should have that done soon, maybe in a week or so, after my next pay cheque. So access to my documents, files and emails are still on hold until that happens.

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I have learned some lessons here on dealing with back-ups and encryptions in the Linux world. Like the fact that encryption is nice to have, but it can be your down-fall when your system crashes after an install and upgrade like mine did. Sometimes you are better off to just use local encryption rather than global (system wide) encryption like I did. I am especially thinking that local encryption would be more efficient in the long run when protecting my assets. The sad truth is, encrypted key-rings can be damaged too, leaving you permanently locked out of your drives. Not a situation anyone would want to be in. Thankfully I have access to my data, it will just take time to move my data from the broken drive to another.

For now I will throw Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on this drive that I am using now, and installed what I need to get by. The number one reason why I like Linux so much is all of it is free, so reinstalling software did not cost me a dime, just my time. As for normal, what is normal anyway?

2 Thoughts on “With a Fresh Install, Comes Old Issues

  1. Julia Maizik on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 8:20 am said:

    Hi Tom….Glad you are feeling better. Liked your photos of the flowers as always. Looking good. We get possession of our house in 17 days and we move in 22 days. Can’t wait. I will email new address soon:-)

  2. Congrats Julia!

    Nothing like a new home! I can’t wait to see it.


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