What Tom Had Been Up To In the Last Few Days

Okay, confession time: I am coming clean. I sneaked off up to Terrace, BC to visit a dear friend of mine, and also to check out the town that I grew up in. Oh the changes, and how things stayed the same, altogether overwhelming and home-sick at the same time. I needed the break, but probably worked harder while up there than enjoying the clean air and open spaces. But what a trip!

What Tom Was Up To May 3 2015 Weblog Image

I will post more about Terrace, and some of the people I met in the coming days. I snapped over 500 photos, and shot some video too. I documented it well. From flowers to water falls, to rivers and clouds, it was a blast, as a photographer, this was dream land. The air is so clean, and so much open space, their version of traffic on the roads is a five minute wait while the road crews stop you while they are paving it. It is very laid back, and no one is in a hurry. The term “rat-race” takes on a totally different meaning here. LOL

For now I will leave you with this one photo (above). Taken just below the Old Bridge along the Skeena River in Terrace, BC. The photo should give you some idea of who I met while up there. 😉 So nice to be amongst friends; so nice to be there, parting was bitter sweet.

Coast Mountians of British Columbia at 14k feet - June 4 2015 Weblog Image

The above image is the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, at 24,000 feet, on my return trip back to Vancouver from Terrace. A great view from up there. The mountains look so small and fragile, not to mention cold, with all that snow and ice on them.

2 Thoughts on “What Tom Had Been Up To In the Last Few Days

  1. stumble upon your site as i’m searching/reading on A77 compatible lenses…investing at last with 16-50mm…would like to share pix later…perhaps exchange insight on photos… exchange emails..

  2. Hi Raz,

    The A77 is a good camera. I hope you enjoy your 16-50mm lens. I own the lens also – very good build. I put the majority of my photos here on my website. I really don’t share photos. But feel free to keep checking my website/weblog as I post photos here often.

    Thanks for the comment Raz!

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