Back To Normal – If You Can Call It That

Yup, back to normal now. Tired, working the usual shift, and wishing it was already my weekend. I still have so much to do, but now that I am working the fill-time shift, time all of a sudden just slips away on me now. Gone are those days when I could complete a project, and still catch up on sleep. But what am I complaining about–I have some money coming in now, right!

SPLAT 2015

I think what did it for me, this onset of boredom, was my visit to Terrace,  along with the mountains, open spaces, and most of all, friends. I cannot even sit down long enough to do some graphics for a friend for his website. I am literally forcing myself to do this. That is why I put the “splat” graphic up, I did this one in less than minute–no real thought went into it, among the energy and talent, just quick and dirty-simple. Perhaps this could be a graphic worth keeping for future references?

I go in tonight, day two of a five day straight shift, then one day off, and three back. Kind of a screwy shift cycle, but it works for me. Also, this could change later on, as demand from one department outweighs the one I am in now. This is a life in retail now a days. So See ya on my next post. Cheers!

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