My Fragmented World

This week seems to be one those periods in time when everything just seems to fall apart, so I call this post, My Fragmented World. Even as I type this post out, things are either braking, developing problems, or just stop working. What is worse, some of my repairs are going to cost me a lot of money, and I get this feeling that there is no coincidence that these events are all happening at once.

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At the top of my list is my vehicle. Last night I noticed that when I started it, is seemed to be harder than normal to start. When I was driving it, that was when I noticed that my dash lights were dim, and when I tested my theory out by using the horn, the horn barely made a sound. This meant that I was running off the battery, and my alternator was no longer working. My vehicle sits on the side of road while I get a tow truck to tow it back to my place. Also, the cost of a new alternator will run to about $250, plus I will need a battery charger too.

My main PC’s OS started failing, one of the software I use on it is several version outdated, but because of its cost, I keep that version going. Also, that version will only run on my graphics card, so I am damned if I do, or damned if I do not.

My vacuum cleaner seems to be falling a part. First the hose connector broke, right at the housing, then the power cord would not retract back inside the unit.

I live on a farm, and we use well water. Last night, the pump stopped working, so we are with out water until that gets fixed by the land owner. Yes, a shower and a shave would be nice right now.

I broke the doorknob when I was coming home last night. Snapped it right off. It appears that the handle was broken along time ago, and it waited until yesterday to finally break. Now I have a screw driver in there as a makeshift doorknob.

I am really hoping that my streak of misfortune comes to an end. I know statically, there is nothing out of the ordinary, but hey, this gives me an excuse to complain. So there–bad luck.

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  1. You need a new car , remember?

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