Oh, a Heat Wave is Upon Us?

It appears that we here in the Fraser Valley are in for a little heat wave going into next week. I just looked online at the CBCnews website, and seen the news article, stating that most of Southern British Columbia will be hit with temperature ranging between low to mid 30s for at least a week. Right now, looking at the official Thomasso.com Head Quarters’ Temperature Gauge here in Glenn Valley, Langley Township, I am seeing a sweet 31C, partly cloudy sky with 40 percent humidity. Cannot complain about that.

I should also point out that I am surrounded by forest, so I do not get the direct sunlight most of the day. The huge advantage of living amongst a large stand of trees is that the air is always much cooler then if I were out in the open. The breeze through the forest is amazingly cool as compared to being out on the road, just a few metres away. Even owning a roof-top air-conditioner, I very rarely use it since I have been living here, it is a nice thing to have when the heat gets too unbearable. I think last year, I only used it for a couple days, but do use fans a lot.

As long as we have water, then everything is good. With the new well, our water supply seems to be more than enough as compared to the old well when it would start to run out about this time of year.

Oh, my Pathfinder has A/C. So driving is very pleasant during a heat wave. I almost forget about that.

One Thought on “Oh, a Heat Wave is Upon Us?

  1. You are one step ahead of me. No A/C in the vehicle.

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