Guilty of Dreaming of Arctic Pleasures

Yes, I am guilty of dreaming of Arctic pleasures, only because we are now into day two of our little heat wave. I can honestly say that I am better equipped to deal with the cold than I am with the heat. Sure, I may harp and whine about the cold, but nothing compared to this heat. In fact, it is so damn hot that I cannot even start harping or whining with the energy that it takes to do it with because I have none. The heat has come sudden, and with a vengeance, for us here in the Fraser Valley. Knowing that 35C is out of the ordinary for June, I have yet turned on my air conditioner. Why? It is broken.

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Like all things that put pressure on our infrastructure, stuff gets broken from it at a faster rate. These extremes test our way of life. In this case, power outages, the kind that dim your lights, or suddenly flicker on and off for no reason, seem to be ramped. I know that everyone is cranking their A/C units on to combat the heat. Even at my work we had a number of these power surges, and yes, deep, deep down inside me I was hoping for a complete power outage, all because the power grid is operating at high capacity to keep up. But the most shocking effect that this has had on me was going to the Walmart in Langley City, and discovering that their entire cooling system (for their freezers) was shut down, resulting in all of their perishable foods taken out of the store. I was ready to do some grocery shopping this evening, and came home empty handed on a lot of items that I needed. It was far to late to go elsewhere to food shop. Yes, disappointed indeed.

I have electric fans, a nice size roof vent that lets a lot of air circulate. Added to my comfort, I live amongst the forest, surrounded by many large trees that shade my home during most of the day. This aids in my daily life during the heat wave. But my greatest invention is my “swamp cooler” device that I rigged up. It consists of a small bucket, a towel full of ice cubes, and a fan, giving me a nice super cool breeze when the day is at its warmest. It works! Kind of a poor man’s A/C system.

One thing I have noticed that has really put me on edge are the tree that surround my place. On the tops of trees most of their leaves are withered, and some are falling. Today, my driveway was littered with fallen leaves–almost like an autumn day in the fall, but these are dead leaves from lack of water. I can say, I agree with the news, this is a drought. The little creek that runs behind my place is now down to a trickle, and the only great thing is that it has taken the mosquito population with it too. So there is a silver lining with this: not getting bit every five seconds.

So, for tomorrow, another day of heat is forecast. I will start by cooling down my place tonight, leaving all of my windows open, then closing them just before 9:00am when the air heats ups again, to keep the cool air inside for as long as possible. Then I will open everything again when the Sun warms the inside up close to the outside temperature. That is when I turn on my swamp cooler. I do not work tonight, nor tomorrow, so I will try and do my sleeping early in the mornings.

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