Too Much Clutter

When a room get too much clutter, you have to clean it out just so you can start to thinking straight again. Well, that is what I did over this weekend. I did a massive clean, with a fair size pile of stuff going to the garbage dump, and a few items worthy of being given away to friends who I know would use them. I am just in awe at how much junk I can collect in just a couple of years. It has been just over two years since I moved to this location, having did a major clean then, and now already I just about the same amount of junk as I did then.

Test Room 2 Weblog Image July 13 2015

I want to get ready to move out of here sometime in the near future. With the cost of everything going up, so are the costs of moving. So keeping everything light, small and bringing just the minimum: this is my goal going forward. Last time I used a moving truck which I hired. I was ripped off bad when the driver said I owned him an extra $200.00 on top of my agreed upon cost–but I guess this is business environment that we live now-a-days in British Columbia. So, I am going to do all that myself–I drive myself out of here.

There is that feel good feeling too of having a clean room. I wish that I could keep it this empty all of the time, but that does not seem possible. Looking around right now, it makes my space, well, looking like I more space. Perhaps one day, when everything seems obtainable, I can own my own house, and build a room that can occupy all of my stuff without having to compromise on space–but that is just silly thinking now, is it not. LOL

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