Catching Up, and All That Fun Stuff That Goes With IT

It has been nearly a week now since I have gotten my main PC back on line. So much work since, getting back my files, and photos, and then trying to play catch-up on all of emails and letters that had been in limbo during the three weeks of “borken-computer-itus,” life is just starting to become normal once again. Mostly the last seven days have been spent focusing on work, my real job, the one that pays the bill,  so digging through my files and upgrading my PC had been a slow process. But I did manage to start going through my photos (that were also locked away while my PC was shut down), and it was such a relief that none of those files had been deleted during the recovery.

June Flowers - Weblog Image July 20 2015

This shot was taken in last June, using my 30mm Macro lens, then using DarkTable 1.6.7 for my post processing. shot from my Sony A77.

I still have a long ways before I am fully caught up with everything, but slowly but surly, I am getting there. Right now, item number one is getting tires for my SUV, which need replacing badly. Focusing on my resumes and emails, then preparing for another trip up North, then keeping on top of my growing stack of appointments and side jobs. The demand on my time is almost impossible to keep up with.

The good news is, I am winning. It has just taken more time than I originally thought it would of.


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