Oh, Look, I’m Paying More Taxes…

I just got my first full pay cheque with my raise on it, and guess what–I am paying more income tax. What gives? I thought we were paying less in taxes according to my government. What happen is, my little increase per hour has put me into a higher tax bracket, and those “bean counters” at head office say that this small shift in percentage of my overall income has knocked me up a few more dollars in taxes owing. Figure that one out. I thought when I got my cheque on Friday, I would see a little increase in money, but I was shocked to find that there was only a couple of dollars difference instead.

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So I cried to my pay roll clerk who really has no control over how the money gets taxed by our Federal and Provincial Governments, and asked for an explanation. She said that becuase of my “status,” I do not get any real tax breaks, and some new taxes came on-line just a few months also, so the short answer is, I get a few more bucks taken by the man. Great.

It dawned on me that we have an election coming up. I have few words for my PM who spews out that we are getting taxed less now. My pay stub says he is a lair.

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