Sick, Yet Again

Another flu/cold/illness in less than four months! What is going one here. Is it really that bad working among the general public that I am going to catch every bug/sickness that people bring in with them? I follow all the precautions: wash properly, cough in my arm, avoid sick people, keep surfaces clean and sterile. And yet, here I am suffering with another round of sinus infection, and a killer sore throat that makes me sound like a Mafia Boss in a bad Hollywood film.

Sleeping is the worst. Working nights, you sleep during the day. And when the day time temperature is reaching 30C, sleeping is next to impossible. Add a cold/flu, and you have a recipe for pain and agitation beyond anything else.

Even at work, inside the building they turn off the A/C, so by two hours into your shift, you can really feel the heat. And when you are inside the Receiving Department, which is four cement walls and a tin roof, you might as well crawl inside an over and set it to 50C.

I hope I can loose this bug soon. 🙁

End of diatribe.

2 Thoughts on “Sick, Yet Again

  1. Tom, look for a better job. Never stop looking. It will come.
    No more night work. Not good for you.

  2. LOL – I am.

    If I stay away from people, that usually keeps me from catching these things. But yes, you’re right, working nights is bad news–though I’m working more afternoon shifts than before. But still….

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