Wow, August, and Still Coasting at 30C.

Since summer, here, started back in May for us, August 2015 already feels so late for Summer. I guess getting slammed with one heat wave after another, this is a normal feeling now, and for many others too in the Lower Mainland. Normally, here in British Columbia, this month is the climax of summer, the lazy days of summer happen now, when kids are on the last stretch of their summer break, and farmer’s are taking stock of their crops that will be harvested in the coming weeks, but we seem to have passed that point. Already August is continuing on with the hot and muggy weather that I just seem to be getting used to now. I do not know how much of shock it will be when we are in the midst of the annual freeze scheduled for November now that my body has been climatized for all this heat. But the summer heat rages onward!

Fort Langley BC On the Fraser River Aug 2 2015 Weblog Image 02

Last night, a friend of mine from my old work came over for a visit, and we did coffee in Fort Langley, BC. We took our cameras, and did some shooting in and around town. I got some awesome shots of the sunset, and some good landscape shoots as well. Even then, near the Fraser River, it was hot and muggy out. The temptation to strip down in my shorts and jump in the water was very strong, but I resisted, only becuase I did not bring a towel with me.

Fort Langley BC On the Fraser River - Aug 2 2015 Weblog Image

This is also the long weekend, BC Day, so many are at home, or out on holiday. I wanted to go camping, but with the flu, and with so much going on, staying at home was the best thing to do. Plus, there is no one else to go camping with. Oddly enough, I get four straight days off from work. A surprise when I checked my work shift schedule.

Summer Morning Flowers - Aug 02 2015 Weblog Image

Hopefully I can get more time to blog and work on my numerous other things I want to do, instead of working all of the time for August. So many things to do, yet so little time to do them all. Isn’t that the way it is. LOL!

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