Behold–Four Round Tires!

It has happened! The ride home was so smooth and quiet, that I thought I was driving a brand new vehicle. This morning I got my brand new tires installed. After a couple of hours going through Kal Tire’s inventory at their Port Kells outlet by Walnut Grove, British Columbia, I found a set that both meet my “aggressive tread” criteria, and above all else, fits within my budget. I can say that I am very satisfied with my choice.

Traffic Scene Aug 19 2015 Weblog Image

So, here is what I bought: a set of 235/75R15 TBC W/C XTX SPORT 1950 OWL 80. Sadly my Tire speak is a little rusty, but I can assure you that these are very good tires. I will not disclose the price, only to say that they almost hit a thousand bucks. But I can tell you out right, they look good on my Pathfinder.

Broken Tire on Aug 7 2015

The above image is my old set of tires; and yes, that is what my tires looked liked. As you can see, the tread is almost worn, and the steel belts were showing though and some were broken. That tire, in the image, had a bulge in it, that just made my driving dreadful. As I would drive, the tire would cause a thumping sound, and the whole front of the vehicle would shake, getting worse the faster you went down the road.

I should point out that none of the old tires went flat. But I feared a sudden blow-out, or loss of a chunk of tread, just like what happened to me the week before when I had to use my spear to replace it. The noise it made when the strip of tread came off and started slapping my wheel well was unreal.

Ta-Dha! Behold the new set of tires!

New Tire Aug 8 2015 Weblog Image

Here they are! Notice the tread. The drive home was like riding on a bubble of air–so smooth and quiet. Now, I really need to watch my speed, unlike before when I was afraid to drive over 50khr, thinking that my vehicle would disintegrate from the vibrations.

Traffic Scene B Aug 19 2015 Weblog Image

The road to happiness, as I am once again a happy member of the motoring public.

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