Staying Ahead: Knowing My Employer…

My work week starts today. Waking up, in the middle of the afternoon (only becuase I work nights) I knew that when I arrive to clock-in for work, there will be news for me. Like always, the one thing I can count on is change. I opted to work as a “floater,” helping fill in at different departments, back when I was part timer. I did this as a means of getting the maximum hours that I could under those circumstances. When I graduated to full-time, the need for a floater was never relinquished from me–and I kind of liked the idea of switching around my time at work, so this does not brother me too much.  I was worried when it looked as if my “floater” needs would end, but that was quickly quashed when vacation times came.

I live in a world of unpredictability at work becuase of this “floater” position I have. My boss even told me that I am a key factor in how the other employees are given their vacation times. And becuase of my low seniority, I am still a long ways from having vacation time of my own, so for the next several months I am a sure bet for filling in while my co-workers go on their leaves. So, a lot of plays at my work are in motion becuase of me.

I knew that sooner or later there would be a more permanent need for my easy going caviller labour position (and work ethic). It happened when I heard, through the grape vine, that one of the other workers was having some sort of medical issue, and maybe on disability leave. Within minutes of clocking in, I was given the news, and knew right-a-way that I was being switched into one of the departments that I trained in. The questions I needed to know was, “how permanent was this going to be”?

With no real answers, I figure that this maybe only for a few weeks while someone else will fill the position longer until the regular employee is back from leave. But I can count on one thing: change is in the air–it always is. I figure that will last for at least two more weeks. So a tug-of-war ensues between my night-shift department and the other departments that I trained in–who will get me to fill in. Already this week, three more employees are off on sick leave. It seems like an epidemic right now. I guess the need for more to cross-training is inevitable now, only if there are willing participants–which there does not seem to be.

I wonder if this is a good time to ask for a raise now that I seem to be a valued commodity?

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