A Funny Thing Happened When I Posted Some Photos.

It was a couple of days ago that I released some photos I shot for a friend who needed some portfolio shots. He posted them both on Twitter and on his Face Book. I don’t do FB, so I haven’t seen them there, but I did see them on Twitter. He gave me credit, and somehow one of his followers from Twitter contacted me via Twitter. That’s when I got the strangest Tweet regarding my work. It goes like this, “Nice Pics… You’re the guy who does those clear photos. What do you use on your pics?” I laughed. That’s like me explaining The Theory of General Relativity in 140 letters, or less.

So I tweeted a direct message back to her (I’m assuming it’s a she) which went something like this: “I use a DSLR, and lots of post editing software. My cameras are semi-pro quality.” So a day goes by that I hear nothing from her. Then today, a flurry of 20 DMs shoot across my Twitter-Feed. The first volley were along the lines of, “why can’t my Smart Phone do that…” to “How do you get the back ground so blurry, yet everything else is perfect…” Then they ended off with, “Do you photograph horses too?”

OK, photography is something that I have being doing for a long time. It has only been in the last few years that I’ve taken it to a semi-pro level, mainly due to finally having enough money to buy those big ticket items I’ve always wanted. But, I guess, you either love it enough that you absorb all the knowledge that comes with it, or you sit down a study it until you master it completely, either way, you get it, or you don’t. I see photography as an art form. I draw, paint, and sculpt, but photography is just an extension of that art form, like the next logical step in my quest of beauty and perfection.

The weird thing about photography for me has been the ability to make some money with it. I didn’t throw up a sign and set out to create a business with it, it (or they) found me after I started posting photos on my Blog and website. I like flowers, so I have thousands of images of just flowers and plants, but that landed me a small contract to do a floral shop’s website. I don’t push my talent, I get emails, tweets, or phone calls out of the blue, asking me to do some work for various people from all walks of life. It started with some simple architectural/landscape jobs, selling houses on a website, to doing modelling shoots with real models in a real studio, then a few weddings. Now I turn down jobs simply becuase I have day job (actually a night job), and I have so many other things going on in my life now. I’m time-crunched. But I do sneak in a few odd job now and then if it really perks my interest.

So, I guess I’m going to photograph some horses in and around Langley City sometime in the near future. This should be interesting. But we’ll see what sort of job it is before I start packing up my camera bag. Business through Twitter–how’s that for networking.

2 Thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened When I Posted Some Photos.

  1. Julia Maizik on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 8:52 am said:

    Hi Tom… thought I would check in and say hello read about how you have been doing.


  2. Thanks. 🙂

    Doing fine. Staying out of trouble. Working too hard; not enough time to play on the Blog. LOL

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