The Apples Look Sick This Year

No doubt about it, the apples this year look sick from the summer drought. Most of them have fallen off of the tree that grown behind my place, and the ones that are still hanging there, do not look that appetizing either. However, the tree did produce far more apples this year then the previous two years since I moved here. I attribute that to the early start on summer. But when you have too much of a good thing going, it usually turns bad in the long run.

Under the Apple Tree Aug 20 2015 Weblog Image 02

Heat and lack of water have made the apples fall early this year. Normally around this of year, most of the apples are still hanging from the branches.  Also, most of them are normally still green, as they would need a few more weeks to mature before being picked. Right now, only a fraction are still green, and most of the mature red ones are full of worm holes and bug bites. You can also see many dried up leaves, but for the most part, the leaves generally look healthy.

So, apple pie this year maybe reduced to enough to cook perhaps two or three pies. Contrast that to last year’s crop of enough to cook more than a dozen pies.

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