As I Point My Camera Towards the Moon

The weekend is here! With my vehicle back from the shop, and finishing all of my shopping, and done with my laundry, I have some ME time to bum around and play with my camera. Last night when I got my truck back from the mechanic, I was looking at the Moon coming over the Eastern horizon, and thought, “WOW, I need to photograph that.”

Moon Sept 6 2015 Weblog Image

Regrettably, tonight’s sky was way more cloudy than last night, but for one brief moment I got the shot.  I shot this with a 300mm lens, 100ISO, F11 at 1.5 sec exposure. It was tough getting the clouds and sharp details of the Moon without washing either the Moon out, or the clouds. So a little bit of post processing was done here to get this nice balance. I used both Darktable and GIMP to polish this image off with.

Waiting - Night Time Exposure - Sept 6 2015 Weblog Image

That is me, a Selfie, using my Sony A77 on a tripod. I set the timer to 10 seconds, then did a 20 second exposure at ISO 100, F4.6 with a 28mm zoom lens. I tried to stand still as much as possible, but I could not–lots of blur. What is cool about this shot (other than it has me in it) is I managed to get some cars, and a train, going by, causing those long light streaks through the image. I am only lit by the light from the clouds being reflected from the city. Other than that, it was almost pitch black out.

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