The Unofficial End of Summer

So, it is now the start of the unofficial end to summer here in Canada. Every first Monday of September, we here in British Colombia celebrate Labour Day, as a statutory holiday. The day also marks the return of school for most children, ending their two month long summer holiday. Like magic, the shorten days become noticeable, even more gloomy as the cooler weather sets in. For example, this whole week I have seen nothing but cloudy days, mixed with rain and very mild temperatures, stark contracts to just a week before when we were still in the grips of a three month long drought.

For the kids, I feel for them. I remember how I hated going to school, especially from grade three and up. I just hated it. More so when we moved around a lot from town to town as a kid. When I passed the school bus stop on my way home from work today, I could see the terror in their little eyes. Lots of stress in those eyes.

Already the leaves seem to be changing right before my eyes. Though hard to tell if it was from the summer drought, or actual fall colours creeping in. The colours of fall are amazing nonetheless.

Good bye summer–I will miss you.

The fall time does have good points. Work will slow down for me this year, even thought I am full-time, the amount of labour does drop by half. So, something to look forward too from my working life. Also, I will get the semi annual bonus soon too, a big help as inflation creeps in at every facet of my income. Side jobs start to ramp up too, as most companies start to gear up for the season rush in December. I like to thank MicroSoft for having such venerable servers, it is like what AirCare was for mechanics here in Vancouver, BC–a gold mine! I am so looking forward to the extra work.

So, yeah, Bring It!

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