Cleaning the Harddrive – Finding Good Stuff

I decided to spend some time doing some basic house keeping on my machines today, mainly on my server and main PC, getting rid of the hundreds of gigabytes of clutter that has gathered since that last maintenance effort I did in May. I had not realized just how much garbage data I collect now–it is just ridicules. With highspeed Intranet, and the almost limitless amount of content downloaded, even a 2TB harddrive only lasts a short period of time before it is full now days.

Light rays over the Fraser Valley-British Columbia

While cleaning and archiving important stuff, I sometimes get caught up with some of the files I came across. Mostly photo files, I find forgotten files that I took, with the intent of going through them again some time later on. Well, today was one of those days, and as usual, time slips away when I should be working on cleaning up my systems. Nothing like getting sidetracked so easily.

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to do a shoot of light rays through the sky overlooking the valley. I was going to wait when the weather was perfect, and plan an afternoon to do it with, but with weather so unpredictable, finding the opportunity seemed unattainable in the near future this time of year. As I was moving files to my archive drives, and through randomly clicking on files and folders in my directories, I found what I was looking for-light rays over the valley! Although shot with my older, and cheaper, DSLR, the quality was good enough to work with. With a little post editing, I managed to squeeze out some favourable shots that I liked.

Here is to cleaning!

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