September Leaves

This morning I took some photos just outside my driveway, since it was such a nice sunny start to the day, my camera trigger finger was getting itchy. The sunlight was almost perfect, once the fog lifted, getting the last bit of good light for photography called the Golden Hour. So within the span of five minutes, I took these shots before I headed back inside to where it was warmer. Good bye September; good bye summer.

Green Everywhere Sep 30 2015 Weblog Image

Oh, and one more shot, this time of my driveway, using my 18 to 70mm f2,8 lens, shot at f2.8, ISO100. I was going for that Bokeh (blurry background) effect with a super shallow depth of field. I think it looks good, those the Bokeh should have been better, or more smooth. Oh well, I will photo-shop it next time. LOL

Fall Leaves On The Driveway Sep 30 2015 Weblog Image

Then there is October. 🙂

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