VOTED! The Deed is Done.

A wonderful feeling getting this election over and done with. I am going to say that I am on the side that says that this election went on far too long, only becuase I had made up my mind who I was going to vote for long ago. But oh well, some do not mind wasting tax payers money, and then lie about, trying to justify it. Please do not get me started… Anyway, I got to the polling station just before it opened, about 10 minutes to 7:00am, and sure enough there was line up already. I was about 9th in line, and second at my polling booth where I cast my ballot. So now, I wait like everyone else to see the results tonight of who our next leader will be here in Canada. Yes, I am a little nervous about it.

Vote Oct 19 2015 Graphic

I hope that there is a strong turnout this time around, becuase I believe that the more who show up and vote, the better chances are of having a better government. OK, I will show my colour here, I do want change, and I want it badly. I believe that Canada is currently head down the wrong path, and we need to get this country back on track before we are too far gone. That is my opinion, take it of leave it.

Anyway, if you have not gone out and voted, then get out there do it before the end of today! It should only take a few minutes of your time, and this election is super important not to miss it.  So go and VOTE! 🙂

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