When You Have to Pay For Service: A Ride to the Airport, When it Counts.

The sad truth about getting somewhere were you need to be, without issue, means that you need to pay for services that otherwise friends and family cannot offer–or guarantee as a favour. Sure, friends and family mean well, but when is comes to making sure that your are at a place and time, when you need to be, then you need to call in the professionals. Taxis, buses (anything Metro Vancouver) and friends, just do not hold a candle to the Airport Shuttles services. Oh the stories I can tell…

About six months ago, I had arranged for a friend to drive to YVR (Vancouver Airport) for a short domestic flight. I had the departure time nailed down, and we agreed that we would leave my place at a certain time, and be at the airport well with the time needed for boarding. As soon as I phoned him on the morning of the flight, there was no pick-up, and that was when things went down hill. He got me to the airport, but I just barely made it, almost missing my flight altogether. It was so close that when I got into the main terminal, I heard my name being paged over the PA System. So lesson learned.

Now since then, on every flight, I take the shuttle service. Friends always offer me a ride, but I decline the offer. Even when they find out how much it costs, I still say the same, and keep booking the shuttle service. Sure, it is expensive, but at least that can far more of a guaranteed service than what friendship can.

What frustrates me is that since I started using shuttle services, costs have gone up quite a bit. Ten years ago, going to YVR was about $30.00, and today, nearly $70.00 from my place. Round trip, about $150.00 plus taxes. It adds up. But the service is second to none. It is also cheaper than me leaving my vehicle in the parking arcade, when you factor in gas, stress and parking costs altogether. I cannot wait until we invent the transporter device and we just simply “beam” ourselves to where we wont to be–that would be so nice.

2 Thoughts on “When You Have to Pay For Service: A Ride to the Airport, When it Counts.

  1. Abbotsford airport is much closer . For short intern flights it is perfect !

  2. Hey Dan,

    The Abbotsford Airport doesn’t carry as many good flights that head to places I need to go up North. I checked, and there are some flights, but they all had connector flights to them, and were much more expensive.

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