A Week to Goooo!

Hard to believe that in just one week from today, the end of October will be here, and with that, Halloween–on a Saturday too! So I thought I would render out another pumpkin scene, though this time following a tutorial that I found from the Bender nation’s website. The render that I made last week was very close to what I found in the tutorial, although that shading is way better in the tutorial than what I did. Here, see:

Pumpkins 3D Rendered - Weblog Image

And the render I did before:

The Pumpkin Patch Oct 19 2015 Weblog Image

When I get more time, I will edit in faces on each one. For now I just do not have the time.

I got the tutorial from Blender Nation’s website, from a guy called, Aanbevolen kanalen from his YouTube site, Red Bandit, called “How to make a Jack-o-lantern!! – Blender Tutorial.” You can make a Jock-O-Lantern in just minutes, and really customize your work.

Before, when I created pumpkins in Blender, I usually sculpt my work, but that takes hours of work, although it looks super realistic. This method is more using vertices, than sculpting meshes.

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