Terrace Llfe: My Childhood Days

Going back to where I grew up after nearly three decades, was quite the experience. I was very fortunate to have my friend, and guide, to drive me around while I sat in passenger seat snapping photos at every turn and landmark. Right now I’m halfway through my trip, and I have some time to kill before we head to my next destination.

I will be leaving Terrace today, heading over to Kitimat, just 30km South of Terrace. I’m going down there to meet some friends, and and check out how Much the town has changed since I have being gone. I have already shot over 30gigs of photos and video, and should have some of them posted when I get back to Vancouver on Wednesday.

I will post more in a bit. Oh, and they had their first frost yesterday.

(Sorry for the spelling – typed it with my tablet – it’s a touch screen issue)


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