Back Now: It Was a Good Time

Back from the great white North. Well, it was just as warm as it was in Vancouver, but on Monday morning Terrace, BC had its first frost, but that was followed with two days of pure sunshine, so it did not really matter. But I just got back from my trip, and now I am completely exhausted.

Over the Clouds Oct 28 2015 Weblog Image

Again, taking the same flight as I did back in June, I snapped some more photos from inside the plane. I had better seats this time, so I could get an image without the wing, or wheels, in them. Funny thing, although the weather was overcast for both Terrace, and Vancouver, above it was all sunny. 🙂

So tones of photos, about 700 of them to sort out, and a few videos, I will not post some for while.  I got some really nice ones, and will slowly start posting them over the next week or so. But for now, it is sleep time, while I try and catch up on four days of go, go, go…

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