Well Spank the Bean Baby, It’s Friday the Thirteenth!

No wonder everything is going to Hell in a hand-basket, it is Friday the Thirteenth today. O.K., I am not superstitious; not even close. But it is funny, being that just a few minutes ago I just realized that it was the thirteenth today, and that this is the start of my long weekend from my work. But still, it is funny to mention it, as already some of my friends of whom I have told this to just now, have expressed their superstitious beliefs very loudly to me.

I have been at home now for a few hours from work. Officially my weekend has started, so this means that I do not go into work tonight–my Friday. I get my Stat. holiday from this past Remembrance’s Day, back on the eleventh, so it is a paid full week for me. So right now I thought I would catch up on my weblog, and then answer a few emails, then call it a day/night–whatever. I have no real big plans for this weekend. Sleep will be the way I will start into it. Tomorrow, I may do some shopping, and pay off some Bills that are getting into the past/due category, then maybe get some take-out for dinner. You know, pamper myself for a bit. I see some house cleaning is needed too, as my place is getting a bit dingy since I have been back from my trip up North.

Oh, heck–I will probably just relax, lay around the house the whole three days, and forget about everything, and eat nothing but pizza three times a day.

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