Waiting Out the Dump of November Rain

I am soaked. Yes, totally wet from head to toe as the rain keeps pounding away, bouncing off of the ground a good 3 centimetres, as the none stop weather conveyor belt of rain clouds endlessly rips over head from the West. It is 3:30am Saturday, and I am normally up this time of day anyway, but I know I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to becuase of the noise coming from my roof. We are in the middle of Pacific storm, not even the type we call the “Pineapple Express,” but an almost West to East weather system, just the same. It is a freakish 14C outside, unusually warm for this time of year, and especially so, after just having our first frost just a couple of days ago–it just does not add up. But then again, blame it on Climate Change, one can accept that this is the new normal no matter how many climate change deniers live around me.

Super Twisted Knot Weblog Image

What got my undies in a knot were the new leaks that I discovered in my ceiling when I got home from work. At first I though that they were actual leaks, as in a hole in my roof, but then closer inspection revealed that the cause was from the super high humidity in the air, with the sudden increase in warmth both outside and inside, my sky-lights and roof vents were collecting water. One leak is right above my bed in my bedroom! Yes, how uncomfortable is that!

Meanwhile, the rain rages on.

Another issue I have right now is the water that is coming in from along my window vents. Along each windowpane, there are these little slits along the bottom edge that are suppose to let the moisture fall outside instead of collecting along the windowsill. With the wind, and sideways rain is pushing water in through these little vents, water is making its way inside, dripping out onto the floor inside. I have towels laying along each windowsill on the South facing side of my home, trying to collect as much water before it falls onto the floor.

It is a Rain Day, so I am not doing anything outside. Besides, my shoes are soaked, and the same with my jackets. I would not be surprised if I have oncoming symptoms of a cold, or flu, with all this cold dampness. Well, at least, I have a three day weekend to look forward to–better make the best of it–RIGHT!

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