Just Cold These Days

Looks like we are in winter mode now. Since last Tuesday, the nights have been cold enough to dip below the freezing mark, yet the days full of sunshine, while just hovering above freezing. Worrying about my water lines freezing, and dealing with a broken heater fan in my SUV, my tails of winter seem far from over. Also, there was a death in the family last weekend, which is why I took a little bit of time off from posting. With work and grieving, plus dealing with the cold season, I have paid less time on the computer than normal. Soon, I should back to normal.

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This cold weather I thought unusual becuase we were promised a warm winter. I was hoping that the huge Pacific Blob of warm water would mix up the weather patterns enough to give us some extra warm weather to march into December with, but instead, it worked the other-way-around. This blast of cold Arctic air will stay with us, and will slowly get worse until two weeks from now. I hate my friend who is in Mexico for the next three months–lucky bastard.

At my work, this is the slow period. As periods go, no one likes change, yet big changes are on there way. At least at the onset, my labour will be needed, and I should keep my post, albeit my duties may change. I say very little about it to my co-workers, and I play dumb. Yes, I did my research and made my inquiries, and found it better to keep quiet than ask where my tiny soul will fit in the great wheel of my employer’s master plan. I guess deep down, I do not care–put me wherever you want–it does not matter.

But on the bright side, things are looking up for the new year. I see a good start; my plans are moving forward. Wait and see becuase I am not telling just yet. Do not want to jinx those plans by forecasting my decisions all over the net–there could be consequences that may effect them if I release details to early. (wink-wink)

Now back to the cold.

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