Heart Beats Antifreeze at -99C

Amazing, as I think about it, that this latest blast of frigid weather has not effected me as I would have thought it would. My body seems to be adjusting to it quite nicely–does this mean I have antifreeze running through my veins? What is remarkable, everything around me seems to be either broken, or cannot cope, with the latest freeze here in the Fraser Valley. Yet, I am having no troubles with it. But first some catch-up, since I have not being on my blog for a while now.

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My time has been divided up between some family issues, we had a death in the family last week, and my work, where I have been asked to do extra hours and make me schedule more flexible. With the change to my routine, my timetable has been thrown into the “spin cycle,” mixing everything up, day by day, making it impossible to plan, and set aside time for myself. My personal time is the first casualty in my time war.

Oh yes, the cold snap that has invaded us here in the South Coast of British Columbia, which is the centre of my issues right at this moment. Although I live close to Metropolitan Vancouver, I am far enough way to say that when the weather forecasters say Vancouver will be above freezing, that warmth usually does not make it this far East to when I live. Right now, as of the time I am typing this out (3:30am), Vancouver is getting -3C while I am seeing -11C on my windowsill thermometer outside. So, we are colder than you think. As for my trailer, the waterlines have already froze once this week, and I have to leave the tap on, just a little, to keep the lines from freezing up again until the warmer weather returns. I am noticing that it takes a few extra cranks on my truck’s starter to fire up the engine to get it to start. I am worried becuase the battery that I have in it now is old, and I may have to replace it–money I do not want to spend right now.

As for my health and well being, I seem to have antifreeze in my blood becuase I seem to be enjoying this cold frigid weather. Sure I dress up for it, but going outside in the sunshine, as we sit among this high-pressure weather system, I enjoy it. It is a shame that I work the graveyard shift, and must sleep through most of it. But mornings are the best when I am coming home from work, seeing the sun rise, and its first rays of light hitting my face–it is purely intoxicating for me. Any chance I get, I am outside with my camera walking in the crisp cold air, just enjoying it. All this sun, is like having the summer that I missed, minus the heat.

Before I forget, I want to give a huge shout-out to a friend whose having her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You know who you are. 🙂

OK, must press “send” and get this text posted before I get sidetracked onto something else.

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